Office supplies and technical equipment

Office supplies can be found in the printing rooms as well as in the room 1323-317 close to “Riddersalen”.

MGMT has various technical equipment (pointers, voice recorders, camera etc.) which can be borrowed.

Please contact Mette F. F. Jensen for booking technical equipment or ordering extra office supplies:, phone 65041, room 1323-312.

The technical equipment can be found in the safety box outside Birgitte Steffensen's office (1325-224). Birgitte also has the key to the safety box.

Further office machinery
A laminating machine is located in Mette F.F. Jensen’s office.

A machine for thermal binding of e.g. large amounts of photocopied material can be found in the photocopying room in bld. 1325, 3rd floor.

A paper shredder taking as much as 300 sheets at a time is also to be found in the same photocopying room.