Meeting rooms

At MGMT, we have the following meeting rooms: 

  • 2610 (S), room 324 (12 persons, projector)
  • 2610 (S), room 326 (6 persons, videolink)
  • 2628 (M), room 211 (18 persons, projector)
  • 2628 (M), room 303 (28 persons, projector and videolink)
  • 2628 (M), room 323 (18 persons, projector and videolink)
  • 2628 (M), room 411 (6 persons, projector)

Arrangements in the meeting rooms

The premises must be left in the same state as they were when you started your event.

Please inform Karina (or prior to the arrangement giving them the possibility to plan any extra cleaning.

How to book a meeting room

Meeting rooms must be booked through your Outlook calendar. 

How to book: Click this link or see description below
In Outlook 2010:

  • Choose  ”Calendar”  (ctrl 2)
  • Choose ”Open Calendar” (from the top menu)
  • Choose ”From room list”
  • Find and choose these meeting rooms in the address book:


  • Press ”Return”
  • Now the meeting rooms should be accessible in the left menu under Calendar – and you can start booking

When booking through Outlook it is important that you write your name in the subject field in case someone needs to contact you regarding your booking.

If you experience problems with the AV equipment in a meeting room, you should contact the caretakers: or 64113

If you need to book larger rooms, auditoriums etc., please send an e-mail to the Planning Office:

Desks for guests

We also have 9 desks for guests at the department:

  • 2628 (M), room 201: 5 desks
  • 2628 (M), room 412: 4 desks

Guest desks are booked through the Outlook calendar. Please contact the secretary to your Head of Section for bookings.

18352 / i32