IT purchases

You need prior approval in order to purchase IT equipment. Please see MGMT's purchase guidelines.

When your IT purchase has been approved, you can place your IT order at

Please remember to state 'approved by: XXX' (name of the secretary who signed your expense form) under 'comments'.

If you need additional IT equipment, here is an overview of department funding of miscellaneous IT equipment.

Overview of department funding of miscellaneous IT equipment

 Home office:






 Printer cartridge



 Miscellaneous cables


 Permanent staff (associate professors, professors, TAP)

 Mobile, max DKK 4.800.

 Permanent staff (associate professors, professors, TAP) and assistant professors

 iPad: iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi  128GB (silver or space grey) and LOGITECH keyboard incl. cover (black)

 Permanent staff (associate professors, professors, TAP) and assistant professors

 Subscriptions for iPad

 No (but in some cases by agreement with the Head of Department)

 USB stick

 Please contact Mette




Professors and associate professors may choose either one.
Assistant professors, postdocs and PhD students may also choose either one, but if chosen, the Mac computer must be the least expensive model

 Apple Watch


MGMT office:

Printer in office
Scanner in office
18373 / i32