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Holidays and illness (AUHRA)

In case of absence due to illness, holidays etc. please notify Karin Hørup, (if your first name begins with A-K), or Lisbeth Widahl, (if your first name begins with L-Å). Members of the CorpCom section must notify Jonna Pedersen, Absence due to holidays, illness etc. will be registered in the IT system AUHRA.

Absence due to Illness
In case of illness it is important that you notify Karin or Lisbeth both on the first day of absence and when you are well again and back at work. It is likewise important to notify Lisbeth or Karin if the illness is expected to last for more than 3 weeks. AU can then apply for sickness benefit reimbursement from the municipality.

Holiday - guidelines
Employees who have been employed during the whole calendar year are entitled to 25 ordinary holidays and 5 special holidays. The holidays (30 days) must be held in the subsequent holiday year, which runs from 1 May to 30 April.

Registration of standard holiday
The procedure for registration of standard holiday as of May 2014 can be found at According to this procedure, and unless stated otherwise by the employee, holidays  will be registered as follows:

Ordinary holidays:

  • 4 weeks in July (weeks 27-30)
  • 1 week over Christmas (23 December, days before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and any remaining days immediately after New Year’s Eve).

Special holidays:

2 days during autumn holidays (week 42)

3 days before Easter

For new employees who have accrued a partial right to paid holidays the accrued number of days will also be registered according to the above-mentioned principles.

If you wish to change the registered standard holidays, please contact Lisbeth Widahl or Karin Hørup.

More information
For more information about holidays, please see the HR website



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