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CorpCom Seminar by Mario Burghausen

Constituting the British Museum as a corporate brand: Heritage marketing work as a form of identity and temporal work

2018.02.07 | Merete Elmann

Date Thu 08 Mar
Time 13:00 14:30
Location Room 2628-M303, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

Thursday, 8 March 2018 at 13:00 in room 2628-M303, Dr Mario Burghausen from Essex Business School will give a seminar entitled:

Constituting the British Museum as a corporate brand: Heritage marketing work as a form of identity and temporal work

Everyone is welcome!


The seminar reports on an ongoing exploratory interpretive-qualitative study of one cultural heritage organisation (i.e. The British Museum). The purpose of this research is to explore the notion of cultural heritage organisations as corporate heritage identities/corporate heritage brands. In particular, it draws on and integrates a tripartite notion of “work” (i.e. marketing work, identity work and temporal work) as a purposive activity carried out by various actors (i.e. stakeholders) having agency vis-à-vis the cultural heritage organisation, which shapes the material, semantic and symbolic configuration of such organisations as a corporate heritage identity/brand. Thus, the research broadly asks how and in what ways this multifarious form of “work” has constitutive and instrumental import for such entities. Our research aims to enrich the current conceptual debates within corporate heritage scholarship (moving beyond instrumental/descriptive accounts) by our focus on stakeholder agency and a better pragmatic understanding of how cultural heritage organisations may successfully position themselves as corporate heritage identities/brands by providing empirical insight, respectively, into the marketing of cultural heritage organisations and their wider impact within a socio-spatial locale per se.

Mario Burghausen is a Lecturer in Marketing at Essex Business School. His general research interests are within the nascent field of corporate marketing, As such, he is interested in the dynamics between different corporate-level phenomena that are relevant for the strategic positioning and communication of entire organisations within a multi-stakeholder business environment such as, for instance, corporate identity, corporate image, corporate reputation and corporate brand management. Currently, his more specific research focus is on corporate heritage and its relevance and potential as a strategic asset for corporate identity and corporate brand management. As such, he looks into the strategic reinterpretation of the past by organisations making the corporate past relevant for contemporary and future corporate marketing purposes.

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