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Once in a while it is important to put research aside and meet outside of work, just to catch up. According to Andrea, good relations are a very important part of academic work. Photo: Colourbox.

2014.11.14 | Knowledge exchange

Competent researchers create skilled students

The members of the IS Research Group meet competent and satisfied students, when they go to class to teach. In fact, their students really like their study programmes and find that they learn how to manage technology in such a way that prepares them for a professional life beyond their graduation.

2014.10.14 | News from the management

EQUIS accreditation to activities pertaining to the field of management and business studies

School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) has just received the official letter from EFMD’s Awarding Body stating that the school’s activities that pertain to the field of management and business studies (i.e. the Departments of Business Administration, Business Communication and Economics of Business) are granted EQUIS accreditation for the…

2014.09.29 | Knowledge exchange

Qualtrics online survey tool at BSS

Staff and students at BSS now has access to the online survey tool called Qualtrics. It can help you design an online survey and further provide support in data collection.

The Innovation Management Group collaborate closely with the industry in their research projects, and when they teach, they apply their research to real-life problems within a company.

2014.09.10 | People

Multidisciplinary and applicable research

The Innovation Management Group focuses on multidisciplinary research with a close affiliation with the business community. The students visit companies as part of their studies and get a glimpse of how different companies work. This falls well in line with the group’s strategy to conduct top quality research that is also relevant to companies.

Motivation was the main theme when Mette Block visited the Department of Business Administration on Tuesday 19 August 2014 and gave a talk at the BADM Semester Kick-Off.

2014.09.01 | People

Mette Block: It is all about attitude

A positive attitude will lead you in the right direction. You can choose to think a stormy day is to your advantage, says former world champion in rowing Mette Block.

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