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Associate Professor Polymeros Chrysochou

2017.02.20 | Research news

Polymeros Chrysochou now Associate Editor of JCB

Polymeros Chrysochou has been appointed Associate Editor of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour

Darius Frank
Madalina Stoicovici
Jim Høeg Pedersen
Pedro Mesquita
Ahmad Hassan

2017.02.07 | People

Five new PhD students enrolled at the department

Darius Frank, Madalina Stoicovici, Jim Høeg Pedersen, Pedro Mesquita and Ahmad Hassan are now PhD students at MGMT

Alexandra Festila
Michela Beretta
Peter Andersen

2017.01.16 | People

Three newly appointed assistant professors at MGMT

Alexandra Festila, Michela Beretta and Peter Andersen are now assistant professors

Teacher of the Year award
Kenneth Nygaard

2017.01.16 | Awards

MGMT Awards 2017

At the annual New Year’s reception on Friday 13 January, Lars Esbjerg in his capacity as Chairman of the Departmental Council presented the annual MGMT awards to give special recognition to MGMT employees who have done something extraordinary at the department.

2017.01.16 | Research news

Stronger Applications - a fundraising initiative at MGMT

An internal review board and more personal support are some of the new initiatives to ensure Stronger Applications for external research funding. The concept is tested in connection with the DFF Sapere Aude call in March 2017.

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