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2017.05.15 | Research news

MGMT Research Accelerator Programme

In order to strengthen the fundraising process at the department, the management team has just launched the MGMT Research Accelerator Programme. The aim of the programme is to provide initial seed funding of up to 50,000 DKK to support the preparation of external research funding applications.

2017.05.15 | Research news

MGMT launches special funding support for applications to the Danish Council for Independent Research 2017

Heads of sections will now identify associate professors and professors who are planning to apply for DFF funding and are interested in participating in the department peer-review support process.

Jacob Eskildsen
Dorthe Håkonsson

2017.05.09 | People

Two MGMT professors new ATV members

Professors Jacob Eskildsen and Dorthe Håkonsson have been appointed new members of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).

Miriam Flickinger

2017.04.20 | People

New associate professor at Department of Management

Miriam Flickinger has taken up a position as associate professor at MGMT

Anne Dalsgaard

2017.04.20 | People

Anne Dalsgaard has joined the department

We are happy to welcome Training Coordinator Anne Dalsgaard to MGMT

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