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2019.02.28 | Research news

Three research projects granted MGMT Accelerator seed funding

The grantees will use the seed funding to prepare external research funding applications above DKK 1 million

Kristoffer Dahl Møberg
Marie Freia Wunderlich
Mirza Ramic
Michal Hron
Ozan Ünalan
Piet van de Mosselaar

2019.02.12 | People

Six new PhD students enrolled at the department

Kristoffer Dahl Møberg, Marie Freia Wunderlich, Mirza Ramic, Michal Hron, Ozan Ünalan and Piet van de Mosselaar are now PhD students at MGMT

Jonna Pedersen and Annette Hein Bengtson
Birte Asmuß 
Kathrine Stampe Vinther

2019.01.11 | Awards

MGMT awards 2019

This year's MGMT awards go to Birte Asmuß, Kathrine Stampe Vinther, Annette Hein Bengtson and Jonna Pedersen

Henrike Konzag

2019.01.10 | People

New assistant professor at the OSA section

Henrike Konzag - now assistant professor at the Department of Management

Photo: Studenterlauget

2018.12.14 | Awards

Knud Erik Jørgensen wins the Lecturer of the Year Award from Studenterlauget

Teaching Associate Professor Knud Erik Jørgensen from Department of Management has won 'Den gyldne fugl' Lecturer of the Year Award 2018

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